Friday, May 9, 2014

The Anglican Way is On Sale

Through my relationship with The Rabbit Room, The Anglican Way is now available through every bookstore in America, including the (friendly?) monster known as That means you can recommend it more easily to your family and friends.

Amazon routinely lowers the price on new books, which they've done in this case, too. I've put the book on sale on my website to compete. If you, or someone you know, would like to order the book, they can get a great deal right now at

Amazon reviews are important for new books. If you've read The Anglican Way, and have something nice to say, I'd appreciate it if you'd go to Amazon and submit a review. Five stars are best, but I value any feedback you have. On Amazon, you'll also find a special Kindle version of the book.

In other news: over 1000 copies (electronic & printed) of The Anglican Way have been sold or given away! Some churches have already ordered the book to give to their newcomers and Confirmation classes. And one seminary is carrying it in their bookstore. Praise God!

Thanks for your support! If I can be of any service to you, please let me know.


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