Thursday, November 6, 2014

Recent Reviews

Here are some recent reviews of  The Anglican Way.  You can read the originals on  

It is rare to find a book that does what the author sets out to do. After reading The Anglican Way, I would say Thomas MacKenzie has accomplished that goal; it is a guidebook. I'm not Anglican myself, but it has helped answer many of the questions I had. MacKenzie does so with a grace and humble confidence that is appealing. It's well worth the read as a solid introduction to what it means to be an Anglican.

-Joshua P. Retterer

Why someone didn't write this book sooner I don't know. It provides such a helpful overview of Anglicanism, even for someone like myself who has been an Anglican for a long time. But it is not just a catalog of terms and theology. It is an encouraging chat with an old friend who ultimately wants us all to grow closer to Christ, regardless of the particular Christian path we are on.

--Jason Day

This is a wonderful guide book to those who are interested in the Anglican Way of being a Christian. Even though I grew up in the Anglican Way like the author did (in TEC), it is still a very useful summary and guidebook to give friends who are interested in how Anglicans differ from other Christians. We call ourselves "Protestants" yet still consider our tradition to be part of the one Holy, catholic, and apostolic church. The overuse of the word "catholic" to mean "Roman Catholic" leads to a lot of misunderstanding about Anglicans and our traditions, our "Way". This book has simple yet profound answers to many questions about Anglicanism, the Anglican Way. Well done, Father Thomas McKenzie!

--C. McRee

I just got the audio book and I love it! It is best introduction to Anglicanism I've seen yet! My wife and I are listening to it as we are considering becoming Anglican and I am considering a future parish ministry if my diocese accepts me! BTW---I also got he kindle edition---now all I need is the hard copy!

--Jeff and Brenda Hurst

The Anglican Way: A Guidebook is one of those books that has been needed for sometime. I should know, I've looked for something like this. I'm someone who is not only interested in Anglicanism but for a season I also felt drawn to it. In full disclosure I participated in the IndieGoGo campaign to get this book published.

Fr. Thomas McKenzie has written a fantastic guidebook to the Anglican movement, for those both on the inside and those on the outside. It's not only very informative, it is also easy to read. I appreciate the author's approach to the various Anglican bodies in the States and some of the issues that divide them in the section titled Anglican Help Desk (Part IV). Furthermore, utilizing the Compass Rose (Part I) as a way to break Anglicanism down is both palatable and well thought out.

Weighing in at 284 pages this quick, informative read will help develop a greater appreciation for the Anglican way to those outside of it. If you're from another Christian stream but drawn to Anglicanism this book will go hand in hand with Robert Webber's Evangelicals on the Canterbury Trail: Why Evangelicals Are Attracted to the Liturgical Church - Revised Edition in helping you navigate the trail.

In conclusion, if you're an Anglican and wanting a refresher this is an excellent pick. Happen to be from one of the other Liturgical churches and you're curious about the Anglican way? Well, this book is a great crash course. For those from a non-Liturgical background but drawn to know more you can't go wrong with The Anglican Way: A Guidebook. Last but not least if you don't have a Christian background but you are interested in knowing about the third largest branch of this great faith, this guidebook is for you

--Jason Hess

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