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Thomas is a husband, father, friend, author, speaker, movie reviewer, and by grace alone the beloved of Jesus. He lives in Nashville with his wife and two daughters.

Thomas was ordained in the Anglican Communion in 1998. He's the founding pastor of  Church of the Redeemer in Nashville, Tennessee.

He grew up near Amarillo, Texas. His Bachelor's degree is from the University of Texas at Austin, and his Master's degree in Divinity is from Trinity School for Ministry. He served two churches in Pittsburgh and another in San Antonio before moving to Nashville. He's an oblate of the Monastery of Christ in the Desert.

Thomas blogs at  He writes for The Rabbit Room and Anglican Pastor.  He reviews movies at OneMinuteReview.  His sermons, teachings, and other conversations can be found at RedeemerCast.

You can e-mail him at Thomas AT ThomasMcKenzie DOT com.

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