In writing The Anglican Way, I kept wanting to give people the names of specific websites or smartphone apps that would help them in their spiritual lives. However, as my daughter Ella pointed out, websites and apps change all the time, but a book, once printed, should endure. So, rather than include lots of suggestions in the pages of that book, I'm recommending folks just come here, to this page. Here I'll keep an updated list of sites, apps, articles, and other such links that Anglicans and would-be-Anglicans might find helpful.


  • is a growing website of articles designed to inform the new Anglican as well as encourage deeper understanding of the Anglican Way. 
  • The Lectionary is the cycle of readings used on Sunday morning.  You can find the Lectionary here: 
  • The Daily Office, along with the texts of Morning and Evening Prayer, may be found here:
  •  A new audio version of the Daily Office, in which you can hear the prayers and readings at your computer or on your ipod or smartphone, may be found here: 
  •  If you are looking for Bible translations on the internet, the very best source is 
  • In my book, I most often cite the NIV. But my favorite translation is actually the New American Standard. 
  •  I’d also like to suggest our church’s podcast,  You’ll find our teachings and sermons, including the class this book was originally based on.  My friend Fr. Danny and I are doing a series on Anglican Way topics entitled “This Anglican Life.”  If you type those words in the search bar you’ll get some (hopefully) helpful episodes. 
  • The best way to find an Anglican congregation in your area is to visit www.  You’ll find a church locator on their homepage.  You’ll also find links to all the various dioceses and congregations that are part of this emerging Province 

Apps for Your Smartphone
 There are not a lot of great apps for Anglicans.  However, there are four that I would definitely recommend.  

  • The Daily Office, by Mission St. Clare. This app gives you all the readings and prayers for Morning and Evening Prayer and the Daily Office.  With lots of extraneous prayers and historical information, in addition to the readings, it can get a little overwhelming. Just remember that you can skip stuff.  
  • Sunday Lectionary and Daily Office Lectionary, both by Jim Coates Computing. These apps give you the Bible readings only for the two lectionaries. The Sunday lectionary for Sunday worship and major feast days, and the Daily Office for the daily readings. You can choose between two translations.  
  • BCP, by Logos Creative. Like the apps above, just gives you the readings. This one only has one translation, but it comes with a very cool feature. If you click an icon on the upper right corner of the reading, a deep-voiced man reads the passage to you.
  • Bible +1, by Just1Word. I am not really happy with any Bible reading app, but this is the best one I’ve found. 
  • Downcast. This app is used for listening to podcasts like Trinity Mission Daily Office and RedeemerCast.  You can use it to subscribe to podcasts, find new ones, and search through descriptions of previous episodes.   

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