People love The Anglican Way, and they tell us all the time! Here are some recent comments about the book.

"Looking for a book to give newcomers to orthodox Anglicanism who are bewildered by the ceremony, or to more experienced parishioners who are jaded by the mess that Anglicanism sometimes appears to be? Look no more - this is it. The author, an Anglican priest in Tennessee, gets it. He *really* gets it, the hope and the promise and the genius and the synergistic stresses and strains of orthodox Anglicanism. Unlike some other introductions, none of the three orthodox Anglican streams (Evangelical, Anglo-Catholic, Charismatic) are a priori voted off of the Anglican island. A quick but rich read. Highly recommended."

-  Fr. John M. Linebarger

It is rare to find a book that does what the author sets out to do. After reading The Anglican Way, I would say Thomas MacKenzie has accomplished that goal; it is a guidebook. I'm not Anglican myself, but it has helped answer many of the questions I had. MacKenzie does so with a grace and humble confidence that is appealing. It's well worth the read as a solid introduction to what it means to be an Anglican.

-Joshua P. Retterer

Why someone didn't write this book sooner I don't know. It provides such a helpful overview of Anglicanism, even for someone like myself who has been an Anglican for a long time. But it is not just a catalog of terms and theology. It is an encouraging chat with an old friend who ultimately wants us all to grow closer to Christ, regardless of the particular Christian path we are on.

--Jason Day

This is a wonderful guide book to those who are interested in the Anglican Way of being a Christian. Even though I grew up in the Anglican Way like the author did (in TEC), it is still a very useful summary and guidebook to give friends who are interested in how Anglicans differ from other Christians. We call ourselves "Protestants" yet still consider our tradition to be part of the one Holy, catholic, and apostolic church. The overuse of the word "catholic" to mean "Roman Catholic" leads to a lot of misunderstanding about Anglicans and our traditions, our "Way". This book has simple yet profound answers to many questions about Anglicanism, the Anglican Way. Well done, Father Thomas McKenzie!

--C. McRee

I just got the audio book and I love it! It is best introduction to Anglicanism I've seen yet! My wife and I are listening to it as we are considering becoming Anglican and I am considering a future parish ministry if my diocese accepts me! BTW---I also got he kindle edition---now all I need is the hard copy!

--Jeff and Brenda Hurst

The Anglican Way: A Guidebook is one of those books that has been needed for sometime. I should know, I've been looking for something like this. I'm someone who is not only deeply interested in Anglicanism but I also feel drawn to it and this book further confirms it in my heart. In full disclosure I participated in the IndieGoGo campaign to get this book published.

Fr. Thomas McKenzie has written a fantastic guidebook to the Anglican movement, for those both on the inside and those on the outside. It's not only very informative, it is also easy to read. I appreciate the author's approach to the various Anglican bodies in the States and some of the issues that divide them in the section titled Anglican Help Desk (Part IV). Furthermore, utilizing the Compass Rose (Part I) as a way to break Anglicanism down is both palatable and well thought out.

Weighing in at 284 pages this quick, informative read will help develop a greater appreciation for the Anglican way to those outside of it. If you're from another Christian stream like me but drawn to Anglicanism this book will go hand in hand with Robert Webber's Evangelicals on the Canterbury Trail: Why Evangelicals Are Attracted to the Liturgical Church - Revised Edition in helping you navigate the trail.

In conclusion, if you're an Anglican and wanting a refresher this is an excellent pick. Happen to be from one of the other Liturgical churches and you're curious about the Anglican way? Well, this book is a great crash course. For those of us from a non-Liturgical background but drawn to know more you can't go wrong with The Anglican Way: A Guidebook. Last but not least if you don't have a Christian background but you are interested in knowing about the third largest branch of this great faith, this guidebook is for you.

--Jason Hess

An informative, readable, and much-needed one-stop primer on Anglican tradition and practice, The Anglican Way is an indispensable resource for anyone interested in learning more about this "way" of being Christian. McKenzie's compass rose structure is appealing and easy to follow, as is his prose. For those like myself, interested in the Anglican tradition but not currently part of it, this is a much needed resource, as it might also be for those who have been Anglicans for years. Highly recommended.

--Jacob A. Davis

Hi Thomas, I bought your book, The Anglican Way.  It's been a wonderful summer read.  I just wanted to say thank you for your wit and keen insights.  This is a great tool for every ACNA church with values that must be held high. Again thank you for your good work.

- The Rev. Al Zadig, Jr.

“The Anglican Way is an immensely helpful introduction to Anglicanism. By contrasting the seeming polarities, Thomas McKenzie helps readers to understand the richness — and the seeming contradictions — of this extraordinary Way of being a Christian. The writing is practical and accessible and the fruit of significant pastoral engagement.”

- The Most Reverend Robert Duncan, Archbishop of the Anglican Church in North America

“At a time when a great many people are discovering the Anglican way of Christian discipleship, there is a tremendous need for resources that lay out what this involves. Thomas McKenzie offers just that in this excellent introduction. He supplies us with a clear overview that provides the newcomer to Anglicanism and the experienced practitioner with numerous valuable insights. I am therefore delighted to commend The Anglican Way warmly.”

- The Very Reverend Dr. Justyn Terry, Dean and President of Trinity School for Ministry

“The Anglican way of worshipping God and following Jesus is beautiful and effective. But some guidance is needed along the first steps on that way. In The Anglican Way, Thomas McKenzie is an reliable and relatable guide. I commend The Anglican Way to all those who are exploring an Anglican Church.”

- The Right Reverend Todd Hunter, Bishop of the Diocese of Churches for the Sake of Others

The best thing about The Anglican Way is how it covers a broad sweep of life in the Anglican Way without sacrificing the depth that should naturally come with a book about Christian living (though, tragically, all too often does not). Are there books that cover more Anglican history and theology? Yes. Are there books that include more Anglican prayers and liturgy? Of course. Are there books that more completely discuss the particularities and intricacies of the Anglican tradition? Perhaps (though not many).

But is there any book anywhere that covers all of these things -- Anglican history, theology, distinctives, prayers and liturgies, and many other aspects of the balance and complexities of the Anglican Way -- all in one winsome, personal, and very practical volume? I feel sure in saying that there is not.

The Anglican Way is a book born of passion and a lifetime of devotion. McKenzie is obviously both highly knowledgable of, and deeply committed to his subject matter. Other traditions would do well to have such a voice. Regardless of one's background or denominational affiliation, there is much here that is instructional...and inspirational.

- Reverend Robert Pelfrey

Reading this book was like having a relaxed conversation with a very knowledgeable friend. It is easy to read and understand, but covers a wide range of topics relating to Anglican worship. I thought the "Compass Rose" explanations were very helpful, and the book answered some specific questions I had about the leadership structure of the church, ordination, and Calvinism/Arminianism. Some of the explanations were more simplistic than I needed (as someone who is already a Christian, just coming from a different tradition), but I imagine they would be helpful for someone new to the Christian faith entirely. I found particularly helpful a section at the end about choosing an Anglican church. The author relates his own experience in choosing a church on an extended trip, and his reasons for his choice were instructional to me. (Hint: It didn't have to do with who had the most children's activities!) I enjoyed the book very much, and will refer to it topically in the future.

- Melanie Larsen

Hats off to Fr. McKenzie for providing a timely, practical, highly readable and thorough introduction to the Anglican Way. As an Anglican priest, I will recommend this work to my church family as well as new folks inquiring about Anglican worship, history and theology. To date, this is the most current introduction on the Anglican communion and the Anglican options emerging within North America. I love the fact that it's written by a practitioner, one who's hammered out the many questions raised by those coming into the Anglican Church from other traditions.

I am also happy about Fr. Thomas' choice to present theologically divergent and potentially divisive issues and practices in a generous and balanced tension. This alone makes the book a great tool for priests who hold vastly different positions. Thanks Fr. McKenzie for giving us all a great resource!

- The Reverend Michael Flowers

This book was very informative and presents "the Anglican way" in a very balanced, fair, and practical way. This book is a great introduction to a way of living out the Christian life which is both rooted in a deep and ancient past, but also moving forward to a vibrant future. For me personally, this book was a breath of fresh air, and helped me to understand a "way" of being Christian which brings unity and understanding, allowing traditions and "ecclesiastical personalities" to lead us back to that Center, which is Christ. I am still trying to articulate all that I have learned from this book... but I think the best think I can say is just get this book and read it for yourself.

- Joshua Drake

If you are from a non-denominational, Baptist, or Pentecostal tradition and are curious what this older and more traditional way of “doing church” and the Christian walk might look like, this book is for you. Alternately, if you grew up Roman Catholic but am feeling led by the Lord in a more evangelical direction, but you can’t stomach the worship rock band down the street, this guidebook might strike the right note. If you have been hanging out with the neo-Reformed for the past decade but would like to be a part of something a bit more (but not too much of course) open-ended and ecumenical, then take a look. Also if you are a brand new believer but are wary of the bait-and-switch tactics frequently found in American churches – get the straight dope about this tradition up front. It’s a good one with a lot of potential, beauty, and Jesus.

- Matthew Jepsen

I've been an Anglican for about three years. Since then I've been wanting to read a book that would help me understand some of the theology, history, worship, etc. that are part of the traditions of the church. This guidebook did just that! I have to say that I sort of expected a "high brow" intellectual book full of big words and over-the-top theology...this is not that type of book at all! Very easy read, great personal stories, at times I actually laughed out loud, but seriously, a guidebook that I will be reaching for the rest of my life. A must have!

- S.E. DeGarmo

This amazing book concisely explains where the Anglican faith places itself, and how it differs and does not differ with those of different traditions, catholic, evangelical, charismatic, or otherwise. In a truly engaging way this book discusses everything from creeds and sacraments, to time and space itself.

- Timothy Rayburn

Fr. McKenzie has authored a valuable guidebook at a time when, from my experience as a church planter, the Anglican church is attracting many who are coming from other denominations. This will be a valuable resource for newcomers and for our membership classes. In just a few hours, inquirers should become more comfortable, understanding and impacted by liturgical worship, thus allowing the indewlling of the Holy Spirit more effectively,without questions and distractions.

- D.O. Smart

I just had the greatest conversation with a coworker about Anglicanism. He'd gotten a copy of your book, The Anglican Way, from Abbie and has been devouring it. He was raised Church of Christ and then attended a Baptist Church but out of frustration had been out of church  for a while ... Now he and his family are visiting an Anglican Church and really enjoying it... So cool... This is huge... and God and amazing.

- Beth

As someone who is completely new to the Anglican faith, I found this book to be extremely helpful. Beyond simply a help text for Anglicanism, it does a good job of explaining the the great traditions (and tensions) within the Christian church as a whole. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for the middle way between the divisive "either/or" mentality of many champions of specific doctrines.

- Chris Watkins

I pastor a small Anglican church. I am always looking for a Anglican overview that is an easy read for our folks. Thanks so much for having a PDF version of your book.

- Fr. Matthew

What Fr. McKenzie has done with 'The Anglican Way' is provide a timely, necessary, helpful, and eminently useful book --particularly for those like me on the outside-looking-in. His subdivision of the book's content with the Compass Rose is innovative with its ecumenical reach toward all corners of orthodox Christianity. He provides a picture of Anglican life and practice that is both practical and inspiring. And in the last quarter of the book, McKenzie navigates controversial issues with a grace and balance that only the 'via media' could reflect. Throughout, he injects personal narrative that gives warm color and real shape to the also-living faith that he proclaims.

'The Anglican Way' is not merely a book for fellow Anglicans, and I think I am living proof of that. This book has made an impression on me, and has helped me to further identify and understand the source of this deep call in my heart for time-tested liturgy, helpful patterns of life in the church calendar, and perhaps even a theological home that is defined enough to hold to the truth, and yet broad enough to hold us all.  Highly recommended.

- Matthew McDaniel

Reading this book helped me feel more comfortable with where I am in my faith. Many times I've felt myself wondering "Why can't I be a little more like this, or a little less like that? "Why don't I feel as close to God as that person?, etc." This book, especially the compass rose section, helped me see that there are many others out there whose faith looks just like mine and that there is a lot of variation along the spectrum of Christianity. Much like personality tests that help you feel comfortable with who you are this book can help one accept that their faith is "okay" even if it doesn't look like everyone else's.

- Anonymous

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